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Page No 88: - Chapter 7 Diversity In Living Organisms class 9 ncert solutions Science - SaraNextGen [2024]

Question 1:

Which division among plants has the simplest organisms?


Thallophyta is the division of plants that has the simplest organisms. This group includes plants, which do not contain a well differentiated plant body. Their body is not differentiated into roots, stems, and leaves. They are commonly known as algae.


Question 2:

How are pteridophytes different from the phanerogams?




They have inconspicuous or less differentiated reproductive organs.

They have well developed reproductive organs.

They produce naked embryos called spores.

They produce seeds.

Ferns, Marsilea, Equisetum, etc. are examples of pteridophyta.

Pinus, Cycas, fir, etc. are examples of phanerogams.

Question 3:

How do gymnosperms and angiosperms differ from each other?




They are non-flowering plants.

They are flowering plants.

Naked seeds not enclosed inside fruits are produced.

Seeds are enclosed inside fruits.

Pinus, Cedar, fir, Cycas, etc. are some examples of gymnosperms.

Coconut, palm, mango, etc. are some examples of angiosperms.

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