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Exercise 5.6 - Chapter 5 Understanding elementary shapes class 6 ncert solutions Maths - SaraNextGen [2024]

Question 1:

Name the types of following triangles:

(a) Triangle with lengths of sides 7 cm, 8 cm and 9 cm.

(b) ΔABC with AB = 8.7 cm, AC = 7 cm and BC = 6 cm.

(c) ΔPQR such that PQ = QR = PR = 5 cm.

(d) ΔDEF with m∠D = 90°

(e) ΔXYZ with m∠Y = 90° and XY = YZ.

(f) ΔLMN with m∠L = 30°, m∠M = 70° and m∠N = 80°


(a) Scalene triangle

(b) Scalene triangle

(c) Equilateral triangle

(d) Right-angled triangle

(e) Right-angled isosceles triangle

(f) Acute-angled triangle

Question 2:

Match the following:

Measures of Triangle

Type of Triangle

(i) 3 sides of equal length

(a) Scalene

(ii) 2 sides of equal length

(b) Isosceles right angled

(iii) All sides are of different length

(c) Obtuse angled

(iv) 3 acute angles

(d) Right angled

(v) 1 right angle

(e) Equilateral

(vi) 1 obtuse angle

(f) Acute angled

(vii) 1 right angle with two sides of equal length

(g) Isosceles


(i) Equilateral (e)

(ii) Isosceles (g)

(iii) Scalene (a)

(iv) Acute-angled (f)

(v) Right-angled (d)

(vi) Obtuse-angled (c)

(vii) Isosceles right-angled (b)

Question 3:

Name each of the following triangles in two different ways: (you may judge the nature of the angle by observation)


(a) Acute-angled and isosceles

(b) Right-angled and scalene

(c) Obtuse-angled and isosceles

(d) Right-angled and isosceles

(e) Acute-angled and equilateral

(f) Obtuse-angled and scalene

Question 4:

Try to construct triangles using match sticks. Some are shown here. Can you make a triangle with

(a) 3 matchsticks?

(b) 4 matchsticks?

(c) 5 matchsticks?

(d)6 matchsticks?

(Remember you have to use all the available matchsticks in each case)

Name the type of triangle in each case. If you cannot make a triangle, think of reasons for it.


(a) By using 3 matchsticks, we can form a triangle as

(b) By using 4 matchsticks, we cannot form a triangle. This is because the sum of the lengths of any two sides of a triangle is always greater than the length of the remaining side of the triangle.

(c) By using 5 matchsticks, we can form a triangle as

(d) By using 6 matchsticks, we can form a triangle as

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