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1) Why are Instant Automated Generated Questions important?

Ans: Nowadays, in this busy schedule, preparing Question Papers is rather a  hectic job for Teachers / Schools / Institutions because it takes a lot of time. Also Parents cannot assess their children due to lack of idea, how to prepare the application based Question Paper to assess their Children. No worries. We have an idea for you.

Scholars from all reputed institutions and teachers say that practising  more questions helps students improve the score in exams as it helps them to identify weak topics and prepare. It guides the students in better preparation for upcoming exams.

By considering all the above constraints, we have a solution for you.

SaraNextGen provides you the Instant Automated Generated Question Papers in minutes for all types of Major Exams conducted in India. Our Intelligent Software develops the Questions along with answer keys for you. That’s great right. Now you can save much time and you can utilize this quality time for the further development of your students.

It saves time and money from preparing the traditional question papers which are to be printed or a question bank booklet that has to be bought from a shop. AGQ’s help in generating a practice question paper for an assessment/practice.

2) What are Automated Generated Questions by Sara Next Gen?

Ans: From our Repository of Question bank we have almost  2,00,000+ ready to use Questions with easy, medium & difficulty level for all types of Engineering, Medical Entrance, Government, Banking Exams, NTSE , OLYMPIAD Exams. We are working on GATE,UGC NET, CA, All Boards / Universities Exams conducted Nationally & Globally.

You can design your customized Questions provided with Answer Key and also the explanations wherever required.

In the  Repository of Question bank, we  add  10,000 – 15,000 new Questions every month on a regular basis. So, you get the most updated Questions which are created by our expert team.

 Not only for the parent-teacher community, but also for self-analysis by the students themselves with a wide range of about 2,00,000+ questions and much more.

3) What are the add on features of Automated Generated Questions by Sara Next Gen?

Ans: Absolutely Free Registration! No set up Charges

         Very much User Friendly website & mobile App

         Specially Framed Materials by Our Experts

         2,00,000+ Ready to use questions with answers

        Download once and use as many times as needed. There is no Limit for it.

4) Is it only for Parents, Teachers, Institutions ?

Ans: No. It can be used by aspirants preparing for the battle of competitive exams can use these Automated Generated Questions to take practice tests/ mock tests as much as possible.

5) What are the exams focused on?

  Ans: Engineering, Medical Entrance, Central & State Government, Banking Exams, NTSE , OLYMPIAD Exams and also we are working on GATE,UGC NET, CA, All Boards / Universities Exams Conducted Nationally & also Globally.

6) How to download automated generated question paper ?

Ans: After you enter in to our website SaraNextGen.com through web or Mobile App,

  1. Register yourself by providing Name, Mobile, Email and Password through the website or from mobile App.
  2. Click on the Link Generate and Download Unlimited Question Papers in PDF which is in the top of the menu.
  3. After that,  you can Select Class , Syllabus, Subject and then enter on select Topic.
  4. You can see all the lists of chapters available in the particular subject.
  5. You can see the total number of Available Questions/ Selected Questions / Questions Limit.
  6. Once you click on the Chapter name,  you can see the Question types. In that you can enter the required number of questions for your Test.
  7. After entering the count, click on submit and  fill the name of the exam , duration and instruction which is optional and it's up to you.
  8. Then click on the download button to download the Question Paper and it will be saved in your Profile.

7) How to open the downloaded question paper ?

Ans: For security reasons, You can enter your Registered Mobile Number to open the downloaded question paper.

8) Can I access the question paper anytime ?

Ans: Yes, you can access the downloaded question paper anytime, anywhere.

9) Where can I find the downloaded question papers if it is deleted in my mobile/pc?

Ans: You can find the downloaded question papers in ‘Downloaded Questions’  in ‘My profile’.

10) What are the Packages available and What is the modes of downloading ?

Modes Of Downloading Methods :

1) Once You Register @ SaraNextGen, immediately 100 Questions will be credited to your account for Free. You Can download it for free using 100 Credits.

2) Once the Free Credits are over, First Mode, Without buying the packages you can download the instant Question Paper of any Subject of any Stream & Exam. But we do charge for the Complete Questions Limit.  Even if you Select 10 Questions to 50 questions,  the charges are the same.

No worries! We have better packages for you.

2) The second Mode is with Packages, “Payless, get boundless!” You can only pay for what you use and download. 

We charge only for the Questions you download. 

Eg: If you select & download 5 questions instantly, we charge only for those 5 questions & deduct Questions Counts from your Package bought. Wow! It’s great! Here you can see the Packages available.

PARENTS PACK - Generate & Instant Download up to 250 questions with 70 paise/question.

STUDENT'S PACK - Generate & Instant Download up to 1000 questions with 65 paise/question.

TEACHER'S PACK - Generate & Instant Download up to 2500 questions with 55 paise/question.

ECONOMICAL  PACK   - Generate & Instant Download up to 5000 questions with 50 paise/question.

11) What are the benefits of buying packages?

Ans: Pay less, get boundless! Yes, you can pay only for what you use & download with a validity Period of 365 days.

12) How to buy the packages?

Ans: Choose the package you are comfortable with. Click on the Package and Pay through BHIM,

Phonepe, GPay, Using UPI, Paytm, Credit Card, Debit Card, Wallets, Pay later, NEFT/ Bank Transfer.

13) Will the Questions get Repeated if many downloads in Same Topic or Subject ? How can the question papers be utilized?

Ans: No - Questions will not Repeat. 

Questions won't get repeated until you download all the available questions in the Particular Topic or Subject.

* How can the question papers be utilized?

Ans: Prepare, Practice, Prove are three mantras of success in the current scenario.

Parents can generate question papers to assess their children.

Teachers can generate and conduct more practice tests without wasting their time in preparing the traditional question papers.

Students can take more practice tests to assess and improve their performance.

14) I can’t afford the amount to buy the Questions / Packages? How can I get it?

Ans: No worries! We have an option for you. Download the Mobile app from the Play store, from your user account, you can share the Mobile App by using the Refer a friend button and then share your App Referral Link to your Friend through any Social Media.

Once Your Friend gets register into the App,  Immediately you would get 50 Credits in your Account. If You refer to 2 Friends you will receive 100 Credits in your Account to download the questions. More Referrals, More Credits.

15) How many New Questions are updated and uploaded by our Expert team?

Ans: For a month, a minimum of 10,000 to 15,000 new questions will be  updated and uploaded by our expert Team.

16) How/ Who /Where do I contact if I have a query ?

Ans: Users can leave a message in the ‘Chat box’ which is in the bottom right corner of the site, if you have a query. We have also enabled ‘Live chat’ so that users can clear their queries then and there.

17) What can you expect apart from AGQ’s in Sara Next Gen?

Ans: SaraNextGen E-Commerce

         SaraNextGen Scholarships by Schools, Colleges & Coaching Institutes.

         SaraNextGen Tutors / Trainers – Find Tutors & Trainers around in your city.

Question Paper Generator - CBSE, NEET - JEE Main & Advanced Test Generator - SaraNextGen

SaraNextGen Question Paper Generator for CBSE, NEET, JEE Main & JEE Advanced. Exam Paper Generator and Test Question Paper Maker for Teachers, Educational Institute, online test paper generator software. SaraNextGen CBSE Test Generator Software - is a online software that provides question banks for NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advance and All State Board Engineering Entrance test. It facilitates users to generate quality question paper with Solution. Users can generate question paper/s from question banks for NEET and JEE as per your requirement  such as Chapter-wise, Groupwise, Full syllabus, DPP - Daily Practice Paper and CPP - Class Practice Paper